BitLord 2.2

A free torrent client for streaming and downloading various types of media

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BitLord 2.2
BitLord 2014

One of the free torrent clients that you can download for the Windows and the Mac, Bitlord has intuitive navigation of the program features to make for the easiest use. Everything has been simplified. Meanwhile, the software supports you with valuable features. For example, let's take the more noteworthy qualities of BitLord. First, it includes a built-in browser to easily find and download the torrents you want. You can stream everything from audio and videos to playlists.

Create Your Own Torrents

With Bitlord, you can create your own torrents, and you can add a password for the maximum level of protection to your programs. While the initial download of the software will be on the smaller side, the program guides you through a setup where you will have to download the actual file. Still, even that download is only around 40 MB, which isn't bad.

How Bitlord Differs

Some of your other clients like ZbigZ will limit how much data you can download, which can turn into a crippling hassle over time. Bitlord differs because it doesn't limit the amount of data that you can download with torrents, and you also have the option to upload as many files as you please. You can also do this however often you desire. As you're downloading torrents, you will have the option to sort the list based on a few different categories:

  • Overall progress of the download
  • Name of the torrent
  • Size of the download
  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Number of peers and seeders

You will also get different seeding options with Bitlord. For example, you can look at the total seed time and the ratio limit. You might also manually adjust the Top List as a portion of your program so that you have faster access to some of the best torrents at the Bitlord site.

Configure to Your Needs

Based on your needs, you can configure Bitlord so that it prevents your computer from entering standby mode. For example, if it downloads or uploads files, you can set it so that you computer doesn't go into standby mode. You might also use this system to seed and download at the same time, but you can also adjust this for your preferences. If you decide to make use out of the built-in browser, you can open whatever torrent site you want. You won't feel stuck with just Bitlord. For example, you can use LSD, DHT, NAT-PMP and UPnP. Through the Bitlord software, you can also enable or disable this software as the need arises, and you can create playlists and organize the audio and video downloads as you need them.


  • Small download size
  • Free from clutter on the interface
  • Limit the bandwidth usage
  • Supports magnet links, torrent files and URL


  • Attempts to change the settings on your computer

Following in the footsteps of other torrent programs like BitTorrent, uTorrent and iMesh, BitLord is a P2P file-sharing program that’s 100% free, full of good features, and very light in size.

What You Get with BitLord

When music-sharing first took off well over a decade ago, it didn’t take long at all until Napster, the original of the industry, was basically drowned out by competition. Ares, Limewire and a host of other P2P programs jumped up almost immediately. We see the same thing happening today with larger torrent files, such as movies and software programs. There’s a new competitor client every week, and torrent-sharing programs like BitLord come along offering a lot of features in a free package.

BitLord isn’t the most popular program out there for downloading and sharing torrent files, but it’s quickly earning a reputation for being one of the most reliable. Part of what makes it so popular is that it’s compatible with the big boy of the industry, BitTorrent.

The Ins and Outs of BitLord

The first thing you might notice about BitLord is that it has a very simple yet full-featured layout. The navigation is attractive, with large icons to help you figure out where you’re at with the program. You can find your queue, the files you’re downloading, the files you’re sharing, and there are even chat rooms on the client. It’s like Ares for the torrent network.

You can also download a few files without dragging your Internet connection into the gutter. This typically isn’t the case with most software packages. After you get to about three downloads, all current downloads slow in speed and your personal Internet connection may even drop. BitLord allows you to download multiple files without this happening. However, if you’re trying to download six or more, then don’t be surprised if you do suffer a bit.

You can also right-click on the files that you’re downloading to find a slew of options. You can refresh the hashes, search for new or more trackers, or allocate more bandwidth to the download. While these are pretty much basic options, not all torrent software offers them all. You might find one or two on programs outside of the most popular ones available. Though having so many options might be a drawback if you don't know how to use them.

Overall, the program is a top-notch torrent client that people might enjoy if they’re tired of using those same old clients that never seem to update and always seem to crash.


  • Program doesn’t kill the Internet connection
  • A free program without annoying ads
  • Works for Windows 7
  • Relatively small file size


  • It’s not as good as BitTorrent
  • Chat rooms are basically creepy and uninviting
  • Playing with the options might cause downloads to fail

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